Hello Period! Seamless High-Rise Cheekie in Buttery Midnight Teal

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Introducing I'M IN 1st Menstrual Cheekie - Hello Period! Designed to worn on it's own or with your pad/tampons. The super long & wide gusset that's extended all the way to the back, we got your bunbuns covered for less leakage and less staining experience.

2 ways to use Hello Period! Cheekie:

  1. Wear it on it's own:
    -  Recommended when you're on your lighter days, such as the first & last few days of your period or when you're expecting your period to come (recommended for light to moderate flow)
    - Everyday wear to replace pantyliner
    - Days with discharge and spotting

  2. Wear it with a sanitary pad/tampon:
    -  For that extra & double security, a leak-less experience.
Experience relaxed full coverage fit. Best of all, this Hello Period! Menstrual Cheekie is made SEAMLESS, so that y’all ladies can still wear your form fitting clothes without feeling bulky! 

What’s so special about our Hello Period! Cheekie? It is designed with 4-layers of moisture-wicking leak-proof lining!

1: 🧈 Buttery Fabric Layer - Ultra soft, stretchy, flexi seamless fabric, providing all day comfort.

2: 💦 Waterproof Layer - To prevent staining.

3: 🧽 Absorbent Layer — Absorbs up to 45ml of fluid

4: 🍃 Quick Dry - Wicks away moisture to keep y’all dry and fresh.

Comes in 2 shades: Buttery Black and Buttery Teal Marine

Outer Fabric Material:

30% Spandex, 70% Nylon

Product Description:

  • Seamless
  • Absorbency up to 45ml
  • Mid-Rise, full butt coverage
  • Easy application for pad with wings
  • Breathable soft buttery, elastic outer fabric
  • 3mm thin, 4-layers moisture-wicking leak-proof lining
  • Super long & wide gusset coverage

    Model is size UK 8, wearing size S/M


    Tips on how to wash and care for Hello Period! Cheekie:

    • Before handwash, soak the gusset facing down for at least 30 minutes for easier removal of blood & discharge.Soak the cheekie in cold or room temperature water (below 30 degrees)
    • Always hand wash gently with mild detergent
    • Always let it dry naturally in an airy area for the gusset area to dry faster and easier
    • DO NOT use bleach, fabric softener or any strong detergent to wash.
    • DO NOT tumble dry. NO dryer.

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